bdr - Kelly Inglis & Georgie Westley
bdr - Kelly Inglis & Georgie Westley

Australian Colour Technologies was founded by Georgie Westley and Kelly Inglis, familiar award-winning faces in the cosmetic tattoo and beauty industry in Australia for the last 20 years.

Georgie and Kelly founded Aus Col Tech as they call it, in 2017, from a desire to provide quality products and distribution channels to complement their industry. Sourcing world renowned brands and equipment to bring to the shores of Australia & New Zealand.

Georgie & Kelly are successful entrepreneurs, both founding and running their own skin & tattoo clinics in Victoria as well as trusted beauty therapists with an eye for quality skincare and client results secured their place as leaders in an ever evolving industry.

In 2019, together they also designed and manufactured their trademarked Medicone Gel ™. A medical grade silicone product for aftercare use throughout their industry.

Watch this space for more from this strong duo as they expand their product line with BDR Medical Beauty!

The success of their first partnership brand Goldeneye Micropigmentation led them to a company retreat in the Maldives where they were introduced to BDR Medical Beauty skincare line.

After a week long training seminar they knew that BDR was meant for the Oceanic shores.

After a year of trialing the treatments and products in their own skin clinics and proving the brand to be not only luxurious, but also results driven, they are now ready to share the experience and quality with the rest of the country.