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Welcome to the bdr Medical Beauty concept.
Beautiful skin - safe and sound.

A concept built on cutting edge technology in synergy with specially designed dermaceuticals and technological equipment so advanced, it enables endless forms of treatment and is adaptable to all skin types and ages. Combine a unique synergy of biotechnology and natural essences to create a skincare line that is effective and produces amazing results.

  • A product range that works deep within the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types with lasting and intensive treatment success
  • Designed to achieve skin improvements with a medical approach
  • Effective active ingredient delivery systems
  • Immediately visible results with long term success
  • Medical beauty with a reasoned concept
  • Continually being developed and advanced
  • New active ingredient complexes to the skincare world
  • Completely new series of biotechnological dermacare products
  • Founded in 2005
  • Created by doctors, skin specialists, chemists and engineers to give you a brand from every angle

Bdr Medical beauty combines innovative emulsion technology, natural substances and micro molecular optimised essences to create a unique combination of methodology, active ingredients and technology, created for lasting rejuvenation and improved skin structure.

In an age of botox, advanced skin revision and premature ageing caused by excessive sun exposure, stress and pollution, classic and basic facials do not produce the results clients need. Bdr has realised this dream of visible rejuvenation without the need for injections or surgery and created a recipe for success. Bdr is an effective synthesis of innovative technology, active ingredients and treatments that deliver results and an experience in their own right.

Bdr revolves around logical, easy-to-use treatments to get the results you want. With the combination of different modalities and ingredients for both at home and professional use, to activate the skins natural regeneration process and improves a huge range of skin conditions.

Spread across 32 countries within record time due to its outstanding results.

The bdr method results in refined pores, smoother, relaxed skin and improved circulation.

The treatments themselves offer an amazing, relaxing experience with real and immediately visible results putting bdr far ahead of the competition when it comes to facial treatments.


I touch 3.0

An investment in a future that ensures success. Exclusive, stylish design with a noble, full glass surface where functionality meets the latest technology. The high resolution touch screen display that allows intuitive work of the highest level whilst combining the perfect mix of work and elegance.

Intuitive operation means you can choose the skin type, body area and technique and the machine suggests applicators and will automatically set parameters. The system guides you step by step through all bdr treatments to give your clients the ultimate experience. Information buttons within the treatment provides useful product information which also aids in post treatment sales.

Customised treatment protcols available via step by step treatments or manual control. A product line and equipment made in Germany. More than 60 facial treatment options with disposable applicators for exceptional hygiene standards and the option to have 2 handpieces connected at once and use for both skin and cosmetic tattoo.

Icube Machine


A small yet powerful device

You don’t need much room for a whole space of ideas. From now on, all you need is a small compact and powerful device in your clinic. This machine can control all bdr handpieces from the bdr medical beauty concept from an easy to use app on your phone or tablet. Choose from 60 facials in the bdr portfolio and the i-cube navigates you through all the settings using a free app on your android or apple device. Beauty has never been so modern, ingredients have never been so effective. Limitless possibilities in a single device.

Stay flexible at all times with the latest innovations in pmu and medical beauty. You have the talent, the knowledge and dedication, the i-cube is perfect to fuse your dedication and passion with technology with over 190 total treatment options.

Unique handpieces

The stimulation handpieces pleasantly stimulate the top layer of the epidermis. This aids in penetration of highly concentrated active ingredients both faster and in higher quantities, stimulates micro-circulation, activates skin functions, stimulates wound healing response, improves cell regeneration and division and stimulates collagen and elastin. Offer clients painless needling that still offers results. Specially positioned micro needles painlessly stimulate the epidermis without damaging blood or lymphatic vessels. Offer generalised and intensive treatment for local and selective skin regeneration used to target specific problem areas for wrinkles, stretched pores and scarring.

Benefits of stimulation:

  • Defined and controlled stimulation of the epidermis
  • Immediate ingredient transport
  • Re animation of the skin functions
  • Stimulates repair
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin
  • Decreases lines and wrinkles
  • Improves elasticity
  • Ideal for weak connective tissue, atrophic skin, thin skin
Profipeel Handpiece
Micropeel Applicators

Microdermabrasion but different

Micropeel – Specially shaped plates, guided at high frequencies and low pressure on the skin for results without trauma. Dermabrasion aids in better absorption of active ingredients and removal of redundant skin cells that have been previously loosened after the bdr peels while providing a pleasant circulation boost.

Profipeel – For slightly more stimulation and targeted dermabrasion. Refine the skin with a specially shaped attachment for gentle removal of cells loosened after bdr peels. The rotating disc in the profipeel head creates a gentle buffing but also provides an inbuilt spring that prevents the skin from being damaged. If pressure is applied too hard it will automatically withdraw into the protective cover to prevent injury to the skin to provide a treatment with maximum safety.

Bdr Medical Beauty Concept

The concept that combines unique and effective ingredient complexes and advanced technology with education and support to give you everything a clinic needs to offer their clients.

Bdr Medical beauty – simply beautiful skin