Balance – Skin Care Ritual Set

Re-move pH, Re-action Control, Re-charge, Re-lax 3, Re-vital pH and A FREE Bio Cell Mask

Re-move pH – Cleanser

An antibacterial cream cleansing milk. Specifically created to regulate oil flow, and balance the skin. In time, regular use will help reduce inflammation and repair the skin.

Especially for, red inflamed skin conditions and suitable for oily skin.

Re-action Control – Exfoliant

Re-action Control is an exfoliant. Prepares the skin by very gently removing dead redundant skin cells while pulling up water.  Additionally, the skin friendly ingredients mean that this peel if suitable for even the most reactive of skin.

Specifically designed to offer a peel for skins that usually can’t tolerate them.

Re-lax 3 – Targeted Serum

A focused care serum. In particular Re-lax focuses on regeneration of the skin. This is a serum that recognises any skin need. Particularly active ingredient complexes, work to slow down ageing and activates skin repair. The key ingredient Syn-Ake has a botoc like effect on the skin, instantly relaxing tension in the facial muscles.

Especially targets fine lines and wrinkles, while simultaneously treating nearly every skin concern.

Re-vital pH – Moisturiser

Reduces inflammation and has an antibacterial effect. Particularly strong balancing properties to target sensitive and inflamed skin conditions.

Equally suitable for both oily and inflamed skin.

Bio Cell Mask

A water thin super cocktail of active ingredients. Besides moisturising skin, this mask immediately improves stressed skin, redness and inflammation. High quality peptides target collagen, while the Vitamin C specifically supports it and gives the skin protection.

Regular use of this mask results in unquestionably better skin and less fine lines and wrinkles.


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