Glow – Skin Care Ritual Set

Re-move, Re-action Natural, Re-charge, Re-fine, Re-vital and A FREE Bio Cell Mask

Re-move – Cleanser

A hydrating creamy cleansing milk with aloe vera. Specifically created soap-free, to be suitable for all skin types. In time, regular use will help repair a the acid mantle.

Especially for, dry and dehydrated skin, however suitable for all skin types.

Re-action Natural – Fruit Acid Exfoliation

Re-action Natural is an exfoliant. Prepares the skin by gently but efficiently removing redundant skin cells. Additionally, ingredients in the exfoliant, Lactic and Citric Acids leaves skin brighter and more hydrated.

Specifically designed to work on the outer layers of the skin, while increases water levels in the skin.

Re-charge  – Hydrating Serum

Re-charge promotes pure moisture. Due to its formulation, this serum offers both an immediately visible effect as well as long term results.

Generally recommended for most skin types.

Re-fine- Special Care Serum

A correction serum like no other. Re-fine ensures an even complexion and refines pores.

Specifically targets skin concerns, for use after Re-charge Serums,

Re-vital – Moisturiser

Reduces inflammation and has a calming effect. Particularly strong antioxidant properties and leaves skin hydrated and glowing.

Equally suitable for ageing, dryness and dehydration.

Bio Cell Mask

A water thin super cocktail of active ingredients. Besides moisturising skin, this mask immediately improves stressed skin, redness and inflammation. High quality peptides target collagen, while the Vitamin C specifically supports it and gives the skin protection.

Regular use of this mask results in unquestionably better skin and less fine lines and wrinkles.


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