Hydration – Skin Care Ritual Kit

Re-move, Re-action Tonic, Re-action Control, Re-charge, Re-vital and A FREE Bio Cell Mask

Re-move – Cleanser

A hydrating creamy cleansing milk with aloe vera. Specifically created soap-free, to be suitable for all skin types. In time, regular use will help repair a the acid mantle.

Especially for, dry and dehydrated skin, however suitable for all skin types.

Re-action Tonic – Ingredient Booster

Re-action Tonic is an ingredient booster. Prepares the skin for serums while increasing its absorption capacity. Additionally, ingredients in the anti-stress complex have a detoxifying effect.

Specifically designed to increase the effectiveness serums.

Re-charge N – Hydrating Serum

Re-charge N promotes skin regeneration, improves complexion, moisturises and promotes wound healing simultaneously.

Generally recommended for mature, dry skin.

Re-action Control – Exfoliant

A peel unlike other peels. Designed to exfoliate gently for even the most reactive of skin.

Specifically targets dead cell build up, with zero skin irritatiom..

Re-vital – Moisturiser

Reduces inflammation and has a calming effect. Particularly strong antioxidant properties and leaves skin hydrated and glowing.

Equally suitable for ageing, dryness and dehydration.

Bio Cell Mask

A water thin super cocktail of active ingredients. Besides moisturising skin, this mask immediately improves stressed skin, redness and inflammation. High quality peptides target collagen, while the Vitamin C specifically supports it and gives the skin protection.

Regular use of this mask results in unquestionably better skin and less fine lines and wrinkles.


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