Purification – Skin Care Ritual Set

Re-move pH, Re-action pH, Re-charge pH, Re-fine, Re-vital and A FREE Stretch Lift Mask


Re-move – Cleanser

An antibacterial cream cleansing milk. Specifically created to regulate oil flow, and balance the skin. In time, regular use will help reduce inflammation and repair the skin.

Especially for, red inflamed skin conditions and suitable for oily skin.

Re-action pH – Exfoliant

Re-action pH is an exfoliant. Prepares the skin by removing dead redundant skin cells and has an antibiotic effect on the skin. Additionally, ingredients target impurities and support renewal.

Specifically designed to target inflamed and oily skin.

Re-charge pH – Hydrating Serum

Re-charge pH promotes harmony in the skin, improves complexion, moisturises and promotes wound healing simultaneously.

Generally recommended for inflamed, oily skin.

Re-fine – Targeted Serum

A correction serum. Refines the skin, evens complexion and targets fine lines and wrinkles.

Specifically targets impure skin.

Re-vital pH – Moisturiser

Reduces inflammation and has an antibacterial effect. Particularly strong balancing properties to target sensitive and inflamed skin conditions.

Equally suitable for both oily and inflamed skin.

Stretch Lift Mask

Besides moisturising and lifting, expect an immediately visible improvement of the skin. High quality ingredients regenerate the skin, while the specifically designed material lifts and tightens.

Regular use of this mask results in unquestionably better skin.



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